Monday, December 10, 2012

Jaden Smith Report! [The SURPRISE]

Hey Msfts&Jadenators!

                 I promised when I reached 2,000 followers I would have a surprise - and here it is!
I wrote an MLA report on Jaden, and wanted to share it with all of you guys, and I had no idea the AE trailer was coming out today, so its a double surprise I guess...anyways, here it is, hope you like it!
- @JadenSmithFan1

PS: I lost my conclusion paragraph; but when I find it i'll add it in :) and, the trailer is at the bottom of the report!


                A very successful actor, artist, and dancer right now is, Jaden Smith. His full name is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. Jaden has been acting and dancing from a very young age, and recently has started making music. In both areas of his career he has been very successful and passionate. Jaden has very dedicated fan, called Jadenators, which I am proud to be. He refers to him as his friends as the “MSFTS.” “MSFTS” means being free, a rebel. The amazing part of his career is he is only 14 years old, he has a very bright future! (

Background and Personal Information

                Jaden Smith was born on July 8th, 1998 in Malibu, California. His parents are Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, who are also very talented at acting and performing. He has two siblings; a sister, Willow Smith, and a stepbrother, Trey Smith. They are both also very talented stars, Willow is a singer and actor and Trey is an artist. Jaden’s raise to fame started with influence from his well-known parents, but now has turned in to his own. His break through film was “The Pursuit of Happyness,” co-starring his father, Will Smith. His most recent movie, The Karate Kid, made 56 million dollars. (

Style of Entertainment

                Jaden Smith acts in very intense and inspirational movies, makes many ghetto songs, and dances in his music videos. Jaden has been acting for a very long time, which is pretty normal considering his parents. Jaden is also very well known for collaborating with superstar, Justin Bieber. Jaden started out making his raps with Justin, but in the past year as decided to make his own music. Jaden said, “I wanted to do my own thing, I didn’t want to be tagged to him [Justin Bieber].”( Jaden’s film make people what to do something, for example in his movie, “The Karate Kid,” his character tries very hard to achieve a goal, and after a lot of pain and sorrow gets it. His music is inspired from his love life, friends and just his different life. Jaden compliments his music

Current and Future Success

. In June 2013, Jaden’s new movie will be coming out! This movie stars Jaden, alongside his father, Will Smith, and is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.(

Accomplishments and Awards

                His first couple of films includes, “After the Earth Stood,” Pursuit of Happyness,”and “The Karate Kid.” In the last year Jaden has managed to release a Mixtape,”The Cool CafĂ©, Volume 1” and many other songs including: Shakespeare, Gonzoes, and Flame. My personal favorites from his mixtape are “Party on Venus,” “MSFTS Anthem,” and “Know Why.”


Friday, March 30, 2012

Jaden's Latest Pics!

Hey Jadenators!!!!
                        The amazing Jaden Smith has been posting pics lately, I LOVE THEM ALL!! Which is ur fav jadenators?
-A Jadenator

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jaden Smith's One Year Anniversary on Twitter!

Hey Jadenators!
                 Today [March 8th 2012] is @officialjaden's anniversary on twitter! Today he posted this pic, do u like it, I LOVE IT! He is getting hotter and hotter every day!
-A Jadenator

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jadens Back!

Hey Jadenators!
                        Guess who is back in LA? Jaden Smith! He is done shooting After Earth and now its just along wait for his movie! It comes out June 7th, 2013! Get excited!
-A Jadenator ;)
PS- This might not be the actual movie poster but its pretty cool [think it is, just not sure!]

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Bday JB!

       Today is one of Jaden's good friends birthday, Justin Bieber! HAPPY BDAY JUSTIN!
-A Jadenator

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


       I'm probably the biggest Jaden Smith Fan ever, joking [not really ;)] anyways, since 2008 I have loved Jaden when I first saw "The Pursuit of Happyness" [I was too young to see it before]. Then in 2010 when "The Karate Kid" came out I fell even more in love with him, that movie moved me to never giving up and  to always believe and I would not be were I am without him. I also love his raps with JB of course[ Never Say Never, Thinking About You, New Years Song]! I am so excited for his new movie that he is currently filming, "After Earth", which comes out June. 7 2013! I am a big Jadenator and love Jaden Christopher Syre Smith  with all my heart, on this blog I will write  daily news about Jaden and more! Thanks guys! Love you Jaden!
- A Jadenator :)